About the site developer: David Johanson Vasquez / bigpictureone

I Climbed a Mountain to Discover a View Worth Sharing.

Sharing discoveries are why I became a professional photographer, filmmaker, writer of essays and an instructor in technology education.

Long before I ever picked up a camera, or knew how to write, my perception of the world was fresh with exciting places to see, touch and explore. Enthusiasm towards my new discoveries compelled me to share stories with those around me. In my secondary and post-secondary education, I found wonder in knowledge to be gained —but it came with a price of training and commitment, like taking the first few steady steps towards climbing a mountain. All the steps paid off by providing me with the creative and technical skills needed for sharing new forms of vision.

The first 12 years of my professional life provided work as a filmmaker and photographer for industry icons such as; Kaye-Smith Studios, KING TV, The Boeing Company and Academy Award-winning cinematographer/director Haskell Wexler. During my early career I was also fortunate with landing several epic freelance photography assignments which took me above Alaska’s Arctic Circle. Since those early years my career has climbed to higher heights — to see some of them, please view my multimedia eLearning sites through the links provided below.

About Big Picture One site:

Industry and society’s “technological convergence” has presented many dynamic opportunities with content delivery for commerce, general information and towards progressive education.

For the past three years, using personal stories, experiences and digital assets— I’ve developed web-based, e-Learning presentations for public information and classroom environments. The sites’ format uses — multimedia, journalist essay style, which uses dynamic writing, video and photography. Two primary goals are: first, to help facilitate an informed public on current events and technological developments — second, to  support “blended learning” and critical thinking skills related to a spectrum of curriculum subjects and learning experiences.

Big Picture One, which examines the larger context of  “human experience,” related to current/historical events, social and political studies. http://BigPictureOne.wordpress.com/

Science Tech Tablet is the latest site dedicated to science, technology, futurism  and natural events.  http://ScienceTechTablet.wordpress.com/

The basis of these sites applies critical thinking standards of — analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating information obtained from observation, reasoning, experiencing or communication for — obtaining skills, knowledge and guidance for making informed decisions to help navigate through the human experience.

Please visit a new site created by Bigpictureone called Science Tech Tablet:  devoted to the topics of science, technology and digital commutations — http://sciencetechtablet.wordpress.com/

website http://www.bigpicturephoto.us/

images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bigpictureone/

Specialties  Creating compelling images & video both on location and in studio. Revealing intriguing stories using photos, video and words. Using my professional experiences & project management skills to train & educate through multimedia/eLearning.

Sharing knowledge by mentoring in formal and informal settings.

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