My wife and I found this fascinating setting for our fifth wedding anniversary dinner. Enclosed in a natural grotto the restaurant hade windows cut through stonewalls to view the valley bellow. The food was exceptionally fine seafood Italian cuisine served with fantastic regional wines. Any one traveling to Italy knows how remarkably favorable and distinctive the food from each region is. Knowing it was a special occasion for us the restaurant staff gave us a wonderful dinning experience we will always cherish.

2 thoughts on “Orvi_aniv_0092

  1. I would appreciate knowing the name of this fabulous restaurant! We have been to Orvieto a few times but not come across such a location. We will be spending the month of June in Tuscany again and will be returning to Orvieto.

    Your travelogue is very interesting! It just goes to show that we can always pick up more tips from other travelers.

    Karen LeDrew

    • Greetings Karen,
      Thank you for your kind compliment on my Orvieto photo essay.

      Le Grotte Del Funaro is located on – Via Ripa Serancia 41 05018 Orvieto (TR) tel 0763.343276 http://www.grottedelfunaro.it/

      If you go to Le Grotte, could you let us know if the dining experience is as wonderful as it had been? As mentioned in the story, the service and food was exceptional when we were there.

      Happy travels!

      ~ David

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